Fire departments & Archdiocese honored


The morning of October 15 was a special day for four fire departments and one very fine organization. They were all rewarded for their fundraising efforts for the 2014 WHAS Crusade for Children that was held in June. Crusade President & CEO Dawn Lee along with Crusade Board President Father Joe Graffis made the presentations during a special breakfast at the WHAS11 studios in downtown Louisville during the morning program “Great Day Live!”

Walton Trophy

The Walton Memorial Trophy is named in memory of “Mr. Crusade” Jim Walton who was host and emcee of the WHAS Crusade for Children from the very first Crusade in 1954 until 1979.

The trophy is awarded each year to the fire departments with the largest percentage increase in collections from last year to this year, within their category.

Phyllis Knight Award

In honor of pioneering broadcaster Phyllis Knight, the Crusade has created the Phyllis Knight award which goes to a business or organization with the largest percentage increase.

Walton Trophy Category 1 – Between $1,000 and $9,999
Sonora Fire and Rescue
2013 total: $2,573.91
2014 total: $9,926.91
Increase of 285.67%

walton 2014SONORA 1

walton 2014SONORA 2

walton 2014SONORA 3

Walton Trophy Category 2 – Between $10,000 and $49,999
West Point Fire Dept.
2013 total: 3,879.41
2014 total: $25,324.53
Increase of 552.79%

walton 2014WEST POINT 1

walton 2014WEST POINT 2

Walton Trophy Category 3 – Between $50,000 and $99,000
Louisville Fire Dept.
2013 total: $42,904.45
2014 total: $64,569.02
Increase of 50.49%

walton 2014LOUISVILLE FD 1

walton 2014LOUISVILLE FD 2

walton 2014LOUISVILLE FD 3

Walton Trophy Category 4 – Between $100,000 and above
Highview Fire Dept
2013 total: $108,325.22
2014 total: $109,588.08
Increase of 1.05%

walton 2014HIGHVIEW FD 1

walton 2014HIGHVIEW FD 2

walton 2014HIGHVIEW FD 3

Phyllis Knight Award – $25,000 and above

Archdiocese of Louisville
2013 total: $260,000
2014 total: $347,195
Increase of 34%

walton 2014ARCHDIOCESE 1

walton 2014ARCHDIOCESE 2

walton 2014ARCHDIOCESE 4

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